Fix YouTube Not Working On iPhone

Fix YouTube Not Working On iPhone

You just want to watch some cat videos to kill the clock at work, but for some reason your iPhone won’t allow you to watch any YouTube videos. There could be several issues at play and this guide will point you in the right direction to Fix YouTube Not Working On iPhone.

Fix YouTube Not Working On iPhone

1. Download YouTube App

If you’re trying to use YouTube through Safari, and it doesn’t work – try downloading the YouTube App. Go to the ‘App Store’ and search for YouTube. Then download it. Open the app and you’ll be lost for hours in a sea of videos.

2. Delete YouTube App

If you’re using the YouTube App on your iPhone, you may have to delete it and download it again. To do this – press your finger down on the YouTube app (or any other app), and you’ll notice the apps will start to shake. Click the “x” over the YouTube app and tap it.

From there – you’ll have to jump into the App Store and download the app.

3. Forget the YouTube App and use Safari

Instead of using the YouTube app simply go into Safari and punch in

4. Update the YouTube App

If you’re using the app – you may need to upgrade it. To do this simply:
1. Tap ‘App Store’.
2. Select ‘Updates’.
3. Find the YouTube update and tap ‘Update’.

5. Upgrade Your iOS

This will also cure some other issues on your iPhone.
1. Plug in your device to a power source and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
2. Tap ‘Settings’.
3. Select ‘General’.
4. Choose ‘Software Update’.
5. Tap ‘Download and Install’ if it’s available to you.

6. Reset Network Settings

Your network settings may be causing you issues, so try searching for something else in Safari or open another App to see if those are working. If not you may need to Reset Network Settings. Keep in mind this will cause your device to lose its saved network settings.
1. Tap ‘Settings’.
2. Select ‘General’.
3. Choose ‘Reset’
4. Pick ‘Reset Network Settings.’ You may be prompted to key in your lock screen passcode.
5. A pop up will appear. Confirm ‘Reset Network Settings’ by tapping it.

Your device will reboot. When it does – try using YouTube.
If the above tips don’t help Fix YouTube Not Working On iPhone – you should contact Apple or set an appointment with an Apple Genius at your nearest Apple Store.

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