Fix Moto X Not Charging – DIY Tips

moto x won't charge

The Motorola X has amazing features, a phenomenal design, and many more attributes too long to list here. However, if the battery is constantly dying there’s not much you can get out of it. Some battery issues have been reported, so we dived deep to pass along a few suggestions on how you can get the most battery life possible, and enjoy all the features the Moto X has to offer.

Moto X Not Charging? Try these steps.

1. Diagnose the issue (Safe Mode)

If you don’t know the root of the ailment, you’ll never figure out the proper solution. Here’s how you can check to find out which app or function is the root of the problem.

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose ‘About Phone’
  • Battery Use

If you can’t find the culprit App through the above steps then you’ll need to jump into Safe Mode. Here’s how:

1. Turn off your Moto X
2. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the logo appears
3. Press and hold the volume key down until you see Safe Mode (bottom of the screen)
4. Once Safe Mode is selected test your battery duration. Does your battery drain faster? If it doesn’t then jump into Normal Mode and disable each app (one by one). While this is a pain, in the long run it’s worth it as you’ll be able to see which App is the offender.

2. Cache and Duration until Sleep Mode

Another way you can tackle this issue is to shorten the time it takes your device to enter Sleep Mode. This is as straight-forward as it gets:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap ‘Display’
  • Select ‘Sleep’

Or you can wipe your Cache like a plumber cleans pipes. Here’s how to do it:
Turn device off then press and hold the power and volume key down for about 3 seconds.
Using the volume key -> Press down to navigate to ‘Recovery’ and then press the up key to select. Do this quickly or the phone will reboot (annoying).
The Moto logo will pop up followed by the Android logo. Press and hold the up volume key for about 20 seconds. While holding this key, tap the Power button and release.
Another menu will now appear and navigate (Volume Down key) to ‘Wipe Cache Partition’.
Select this by using the Power button.
This should alleviate a major drainage issue.

3. Display Brightness

Out of the box the Moto X will cause your draw to drop with the tantalizing color display. However, the brightness is set to the max, and while the picture will look great, your battery will hate you. Be kind and reduce the brightness level using the Quick Toggle Settings and going to the ‘Display Settings’. If you go outside you may need to turn the brightness up, but indoors – turn it down.

4. Close your Apps

Like with most devices if you have a million-and-one Apps open your battery will drain like a kiddie pool after an overweight adult belly flops into it. Close your Apps, and turn off things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and your current GPS location.

5. Clean Your Port

Another quick trick is to clean a dirty charging port. This is most useful when you notice your device is having issues charging. The most effective and safest way to do this is to use a cotton swab. Simply place the swab inside the port and gently move it back and forth. A gentle blast of air will also help.

If the above methods don’t aid your battery life, you may need to reach out to your local tech or the shop where you picked up your phone. More often than not the root of your problems can be solved by one or more of the tips above.

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