Fix iTunes Error 4013 or 4014 During iOS 7 Upgrade

itunes error 4013 4014

iTunes can store almost anything you need in a digital form from music to podcasts to video of you dancing around in your diaper as a toddler. The best part – you can seamlessly organize and sort your files and flip back-and-forth between videos, music, etc… Unfortunately since just about everything is synced to your iTunes a nasty iTunes error can leave you stressed out while unsure about how you’re going to be able to access your files.

One of the most common errors – especially those using iPhone’s – is the 4013 and 4014 error. This generally occurs when you’re trying to update your device to iOS 7 through iTunes. At the end of the day, this is a hardware issue and using a solution or two from the below list you’ll be able to solve the iTunes Error 4013, 4014 During iOS 7 Upgrade and be on your way to completing the upgrade.

Fix iTunes Error 4013, 4014 During iOS 7 Upgrade

1. iTunes Upgrade

If you don’t have the latest version of iTunes on your computer – upgrade it. This may be the cause of the error.

2. Change Your USB Port

This is the simplest solution of the bunch when it comes to fix the iTunes error 4013, 4014 During iOS 7 Updgrade. Change the USB Port by connecting your iOS device to the original USB cable or another USB Port.

3. Update to iOS 6 then to iOS 7

If you’re jumping through iOS updates – it’s best to do them in sequence. First update your iOS device to the latest version of iOS 6, and then perform the iOS 7 update.

4. Clear Space On Your Device

Remove applications, and associated memory to free up the space needed for the upgrade to iOS 7.

5. Restore Your iOS Device through iTunes

Remember to always backup your device when restoring it. We remind you in Step 2.
1. Connect your device via USB to the computer and open iTunes.
3. Disconnect your iOS device from the computer and quit iTunes.
4. Set the device to Recovery Mode
5. Open iTunes on your computer
6. Re-connect the device to the computer and iTunes should show that your device is in Recovery Mode.
7. Restore the device – this will erase everything on your device, but you backed everything up in Step 2, so you’ll have a starting point to restore all of your data back onto the iOS device.

If none of the tips fix the iTunes 4013, 4014 During iOS 7 Upgrade then you may have to set an appointment at your nearest Apple Store or contact an Apple Genius.

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