Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working

Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working

Your volume is too loud or too soft, and you want to adjust it, but one or both of your volume buttons refuse to work. This could be a sign of a major hardware problem (Yikes!) or a minor software glitch. Give the tips below a try before you squeeze your iPhone to death. Here are some quick ways to Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working.

Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working

1. Reboot Your Device

Turn off your iPhone by using the power button. This generally works for most of the issues you will encounter with your device, so try this first to see what happens.

2. Press Your Up & Down Volume Buttons repeatedly

Firmly press your Up & Down volume buttons several times. Make sure you alternate between both. If your Volume indicator pops up on your screen – that means it’s most likely a loose connection inside your iPhone. This may also solve the issue, but if problems persist you should see your local tech guru or contact Apple.

3. Squeeze It

This is also a great stress reliever, but if you squeeze too hard you may cause damage to your iPhone. Using your dominate hand, simultaneously squeeze your thumb on the top corner of the device, while pressing down on one of the volume buttons. Do this a few times, and see if the Volume indicator shows up on your screen. This may be a temporary fix. If you do see the button starting to work again – your phone could be experiencing a loose internal connection.

4. Give It A Little Tap

No need to swing your device like Thor’s hammer, but a gentle tap to the upper left corner of your device against a hard surface (desk) may help you out.

5. Assistive Touch

NOTE: This won’t fix the problem, but will enable you to adjust the volume of your device. To do this:
1. Tap ‘Settings’.
2. Select ‘General’.
3. Then ‘Accessibility’.
4. Turn On ‘Assistive Touch’.

Tap your volume down or up as needed.

6. Update Your iOS

If you’re not on the latest version of iOS, you can upgrade by following these steps:
1. Plug in your device to a power source and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
2. Tap ‘Settings’.
3. Select ‘General’.
4. Choose ‘Software Update’.
5. Tap ‘Download and Install’ if it’s available to you.
This should fix your issue, and most certainly means it was a software issue and not a hardware issue.

7. Reset Your Device

A hard reset may also remedy this issue. To do this hold down the Home and Sleep / Wake buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

If none of these tips is able to Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working then it’s probably a hardware issue that requires assistance from Apple. If you’re still under warranty you may be able to get a new device.

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