Fix iPhone Error 4005 / Cannot restore

iphone error 4005 cannot restore

This is one of those errors that will pop up when updating or restoring your device. Like most, it’s a pain, but the world isn’t crashing down on you and your iPhone. There are some simple fixes to this nagging issue. Here are some ways to Fix iPhone Error 4005.

Fix iPhone Error 4005 / Cannot restore

1. Restart iTunes

With your device connected to your computer – exit out of iTunes and re-launch it. This may be simple, but it works.

2. Reboot Your Computer

If Step 1 doesn’t work and the error still appears – you may have to reboot your computer. Simply restart and then launch iTunes.

3. Update Your iTunes

Mac OS:
Open iTunes.
From the iTunes menu click ‘Check for Updates’.
Windows OS
Open iTunes
From Help menu click ‘Check for Updates’.

4. Update Your Computer

Similar to the above – your computer OS may need to be updated.
Mac OS
Go to Apple Menu click on Apple Store.
Check for Updates.
Windows OS
Click Start.
Select ‘All Programs’.
Choose ‘Windows Update’.

5. Change USB Cable & USB Port

Fairly straightforward if you have an extra USB Cable handy. Try using a new / different USB cable and a different USB Port when connecting your iPhone to your computer. You may need to update or restore your device.

Again, this error isn’t the end of the world. One of the tips above should aid you to Fix iPhone Error 4005. If it doesn’t – contact Apple or visit your local Apple Store.

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