Fix iPhone 6 Plus Speaker Not Working

Fix iPhone 6 Plus Speaker Not Working

It caused a frenzy around the globe when it launched, and it now stands as one of Apple’s most popular products. The iPhone 6 Plus is the best-of-the-best, but one peculiar issue can leave you dumbfounded and running to the nearest Genius Bar. You go to blast your tunes or chat with someone on speaker – and it just won’t work. The speaker is dead. Before you get too bent out of shape – here are a few DIY ways to Fix iPhone 6 Plus Speaker Not Working.

Fix iPhone 6 Plus Speaker Not Working

1. Clean The Speaker

Ever have your grandparents tell you to clean the wax out of your ears? The same can be said for your iPhone 6 Plus speaker. Using a toothpick, needle or another object with a relatively sharp point gently and slowly clean the speaker. Dust and dirt might be built up in and around the speaker, so give this a try, and then test the speaker to see if that did the trick.

2. Turn Off Your Bluetooth

Check to see if your Bluetooth is on by doing the following:
1. Tap ‘Settings’.
2. Click on ‘Bluetooth’.
If Bluetooth is activated – make sure to turn it off, and then test your speaker.

3. Take Off Your Custom iPhone Case

Although your custom Pikachu iPhone 6 Plus case may make you and your friends smile and giggle every time you see it – it also may be blocking your speaker. Remove the case, and test the speaker to see if you notice a difference in sound quality.

4. Use The Speakerphone When Calling

You haven’t spoken with your mother in awhile, so give her a call, and use the speakerphone option. This may kick your speaker back into action, and will cause it to start acting normally again.

5. Upgrade Your iOS

This is the cause, and solution to the majority of issues with your device. If you haven’t done an update in awhile – do one and your speaker should start working correctly. To perform an update, follow these steps:
1. Plug in your device to a power source and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
2. Tap ‘Settings’.
3. Select ‘General’.
4. Choose ‘Software Update’.
5. Tap ‘Download and Install’ if it’s available to you.
Doing this may also solve a few other issues with your iPhone 6 Plus.

Hopefully one of the tips was able to Fix iPhone 6 Plus Speaker Not Working. If none of the above work for you, contact Apple Support or go to your nearest Apple Store.

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