Fix iPhone 5s Home Button Not Working

Fix iphone 5s home button

This might just be the most annoying thing ever.  The iPhone 5s home button is not working.  The iPhone 5s is usually dependable but when the only button on the face of the phone stops working, we have a major problem on our hands.  We’ve scoured the internet and came up with a list of suggestions to get your iPhone 5s problem fixed.  The solution listed below should be doable for anyone.

Fix iPhone 5s Home Button Not Working

1. Recalibrate the home button

This is the first thing everyone should try if your home button starts acting wonky.  It appears to fix the issue for a majority of the users. Here are the steps to recalibrate the home button on your iPhone 5s.

  1. Open any default iOS app.  For example the Weather app or the Clock app.
  2. Press and hold the sleep/wake button (power button) until a slider appears.
  3. When the slider appears, press and hold the sleep/wake button until the slider goes away.  You should see the home screen again.
  4. The app will close itself.

2. Restart your iPhone 5s

The simplest thing fixes most of the time.  Just press and hold the power button until the sliders appears.  Drag it to power your device down.  Press the power button again to turn your phone back on.

3. Jiggle the connector

Try this: plug the connector into your iPhone 5s.  Jiggle the connector while pushing it in with some pressure.  This sometimes works because it shakes loose the Home button and in some cases fixes the problem.

4. Clean/Dust

The home button sometimes gets dust and gunk stuck in it and can cause it to stop working and break.  Try getting a cotton ball and apply a little bit of rubbing alcohol to it.  Clean the button gently, wait a few minutes and give it a go.

5. Enable your on-screen home button

If these 4 methods didn’t work for you there’s a good chance that you’re in bad shape.  The good news is that there is still some hope in using your phone by using the on-screen home button.  This is usually an accessibility option but it will do what you need.

To enable this option just go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch.  Turn Assistive Touch on, and you will see a small circle appear on the screen.  Tapping that circle will give you some options, of which one of them will be Home.

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