Fix iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death + Rebooting Issue

Fix iphone 5s blue screen of death

Without a doubt the iPhone 5s is one of the global favorites when it comes to devices. However, many users are faced with the Blue Screen of Death, which will show up when you run certain apps. On top of that, the issue is followed by a restarting issue, which makes you want to take the sleekly designed fruit and throw it out a window. Before you frustrate yourself until your blue in the face – here a few tips to deal with the iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death and Rebooting Issue.

Fix iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death + Rebooting Issue

1. Update Your Apps

Typically the app you used when the Blue Screen of Death appeared is what triggered the problem. Sometimes, the app update can resolve this issue. Go to the App Store -> Update->Touch the app you want updated.

2. Get rid of the App

If you can’t resolve the issue by updating the app – you may have to delete it. If the problem arose shortly after you started using a specific app, you should probably delete it. Here’s how:
1. Find the problem app; press and hold your finger on it (this will cause all apps to shake).
2. Click on the “x” that appears on the app and it will be deleted.

3. Deactivate iCloud Sync

One of the most common roots of the Blue Screen of Death comes from the Pages, Numbers or Keynote app. If you’ve used one of these apps (or all three) and have experienced this issue, including the phone rebooting – here’s how you deactivate the iCloud Sync from the iWork Apps.
1. Touch ‘Settings’.
2. Choose ‘iCloud’.
3. Pick ‘Documents and Data’.
4. Set ‘Numbers,’ ‘Pages,’ and ‘Keynote’ to off

4. Update Your iOS

If your iOS hasn’t been updated, an update may help. The easiest way is to do this wirelessly.
1. Connect your iPhone 5s to your Power Adapter and plug it in
2. Touch ‘Settings’.
3. Select ‘General’.
4. Choose ‘Software Update’.
5. Click on ‘Download’ and install.

5. Reset Network Settings

NOTE: We strongly advise you backup all your significant data before you try this.
1. Tap ‘Settings’ and choose ‘General’.
2. Select ‘Reset’ and tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.
3. Choose ‘Erase iPhone’.
After doing this, your device will reset and the Apple logo will appear. This can take upwards of 5 minutes so be patient. Your iPhone 5s should be as good as new.

If none of the tips above fix your iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death and Rebooting Issue then an appointment with an Apple Genius may be the only remedy. You may even get a new device if yours is under warranty.

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