Fix iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Invalid Sim


We all love Apple mobile devices for their impeccable quality, operating systems and services offered. Yet, there are chances that technical problems can take place on any of the mobile devices.

Many users of Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 have complained about “Invalid SIM”, “SIM Not Valid” or “No Sim” error after they upgrade to an advanced iOS 7.x. Have you also just upgraded your mobile device and all of a sudden found that your SIM is being called “invalid”? You are one of the other user’s who are suffering with the same problem.

Though there are no patented fixes for this problem, but you can use some methods to get around this error. For the Lucky people, simply removing and replacing the SIM tray may work to get things in the appropriate way, but all of us are the luckiest ones.

Fix iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Invalid Sim

1. Reboot your mobile

“Invalid SIM” error may be just a glitch that will disappear after you reboot your device.To reboot your phone: Press and hold the sleep button, until you spot the slide. Now swipe to turn it on after 10-15 seconds.

2. Reset network setting

May be this is the problem with your network provider and not with the mobile device. Try resetting all current network setting. Select mobile settings, tap on the general button, choose Reset and tap on Rest Network Setting. The simple network setting can be your savior.

3. Remove and put your SIM card.

The old tricks may be helpful in such situation. Turn your mobile device and remove the SIM card. Check if the card is not damaged. If not, put it back again and turn on the iPhone.

4. Toggle the Airplane mode

Simple yet sometimes an effective way to get rid of this error. Choose the phone setting and just toggle the Airplane mode switch. Turn it on, and then off again.

5. Reset your iPhone

Resetting your iphone mobile is always the best option when you encounter any error. However, before you try this method, save all your data. Select setting option, click on General, Select Reset and choose to erase all content and settings.

In most cases, one of there steps would fix iPhone invalid Sim card error, but if still you are facing error, Visit the Apple store and they will provide best possible help.

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