Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issues in iOS 8

Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issues in iOS 8

As with most iOS updates something inevitably stops working after you update. One of the most common errors to occur after your iOS 8 update is for your Bluetooth to have issues connecting with other Bluetooth devices. This could be anything from intermittent drops or flat out not being able to connect. One of the tips below should help Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issues in iOS 8.

Note: Your device may not be the one to blame. Other Bluetooth devices – aka the Bluetooth system in your car – may be at fault. The list below will help you determine whether or not the issue is with your device.

Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issues in iOS 8

1. Turn Bluetooth Off & Reboot

This one doesn’t require you to lose your data settings, so we recommend you try it first. Here’s how:
1. Tap ‘Settings’ and turn ‘Bluetooth’ Off or do this in your Control Center.
2. Simultaneously hold down the Home and Sleep / Wake buttons on your device until the Apple logo appears on your screen. Your phone will reboot.
3. Turn ‘Bluetooth’ back to ‘On’.
4. Try reconnecting your devices.

2. Forget the Bluetooth device you’re having issues with and reconnect

This is a great way to see if it’s another devices fault and not yours. For example – your car’s Bluetooth system may be the culprit. To do this you’ll need to tell your iPhone or iPad to ‘Forget This Device’. Here’s how to do it:
1. Tap ‘Settings’.
2. Select ‘Bluetooth’.
3. Choose the info button (a lowercase “i” with a circle around it) next to the Bluetooth device you’re having connectivity issues with.
4. Tap ‘Forget This Device’.
5. Confirm by touching the ‘Forget Device’ text that will appear.

3. Upgrade Your iOS

This usually solves the trick, so here’s how to go about it:
1. Plug in your device to a power source and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
2. Tap ‘Settings’.
3. Select ‘General’.
4. Choose ‘Software Update’.
5. Tap ‘Download and Install’ if it’s available to you.

4. Reset Network Settings

Keep in mind this will cause your device to lose its saved network settings.
1. Tap ‘Settings’.
2. Select ‘General’.
3. Choose ‘Reset’
4. Pick ‘Reset Network Settings.’ You may be prompted to key in your lock screen passcode.
5. A pop up will appear. Confirm ‘Reset Network Settings’ by tapping it.

Your device will reboot. When it does – try connecting your Bluetooth device. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to restore your device.

5. Restore Your Device

NOTE: Backup your data to iCloud or your iTunes before doing this. All of the data on your device will be erased through this process. Let’s get started by turning off Find My iPhone:
1. Tap ‘Settings’.
2. Select ‘iCloud’.
3. Turn Off ‘Find My iPhone’.
4. Punch in your iCloud password. Tap ‘Off’.
Now you’ll be able to Restore Your Device
1. Tap ‘Settings’.
2. Select ‘General’.
3. Choose ‘Reset’.
4. Tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.
5. Confirm your selection by selecting ‘Erase iPhone’. You will then be prompted again.
6. Choose ‘Erase iPhone’.
Your device will take a few minutes to reboot, and then it will start from scratch just like you did when you pulled it out of the box.
This should Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issues in iOS 8 on your device. If you’ve tried the above, and you’re still having problems – it may be the fault of the other Bluetooth systems you’re trying to connect to.

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